Berentzen Hof Destillerie in Haselünne

Haselünne is a Hanseatic town in the heart of the idyllic Emsland region. The company Berentzen, well-known for over 250 years, was founded in Haselünne and is now continuing the traditional premium craft with the “Berentzen Hof Destillerie“.

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Haselünne, a Hanseatic town in the heart of the Emsland region, is surrounded by an idyllic

landscape and set in the middle of the Hasetal valley. Thanks to the high quality of its water,
the town made a name for itself centuries ago, and many distilleries settled here. The town
is particularly well known far beyond its borders for a typically northern German spirit: Korn.



The distillery of councillor Johann Bernhard Berentzen was one of the first in Haselünne.

The company has been well-known for over 250 years, and it is now continuing the

traditional premium craft with the “ Berentzen Hof Destillerie” in Haselünne.



You can visit the main site of the “Berentzen Hof Destillerie” as well as the barrel warehouse
where our premium products rest and mature. At our “Berentzen Hofladen” shop one can

attend tastings and buy speciality products from our portfolio.

Premium Korn from Berentzen Hof Destillerie


Carefully selected premium ingredients – wheat, rye, barley – as well as particularly soft water from our local Sankt Ansgari spring and a slow distillation in small batches under high standards: discover Korn2Korn

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  • With carefully selected ORGANIC WHEAT an ORGANIC RYE and high share of malted barley* for typical Korn flavors and aromas
  • Particularly SOFT WATER from the Sankt Ansgari spring in Haselünne
  • EXPERTISE of a traditional company since more than 250 years
  • Slow distillation in small batches, supervised by our BERENTZEN MASTER DISTILLER
  • Premium bottles with cork and the signature of the master distiller on every bottle as a QUALITY SEAL
  • LIMITED EDITIONS of the premium double Korn with 38% vol
  • LIMITED EDITIONS of the premium double Korn the 38% vol matured in a chestnut and a cherry barrel
  • LOVINGLY HANDCRAFTED in the Berentzen Hof Destillerie


* compared with other premium Korn products

Crafted with heart and hand

The finest korn with a distinctive pure aroma, mild and multi-faceted – a limited edition with the signature of our master distiller on every bottle.

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The finest ingredients and the very soft water of the local Sankt Ansgari spring are used to

lovingly craft small batches of first-class spirits with an aroma that's typical for the region.



The distillation and mashing processes are carried out under the careful guidance of an
experienced master distiller. The distillation is done deliberately
slowly and in small batches to allow the aromas to develop.



The craft initiative is a tribute to the long-time passion of the Berentzen family, drawing
inspiration for new creations from the craft that has been handed down through generations.

But we still experiment with the recipes with patience and attention to detail in order to truly
perfect the flavors.

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